ThaiJoop Terms Of Use

Registering to use the services provided by, you are entering into an agreement as stipulated by the terms and conditions listed below. 

Before you can use the website your presented the option to view the terms and conditions of which you must agree to, if you so choose not to agree then your registration will not be approved and you will not be permitted to use the website.

The terms and conditions of this contract are subject to change at any time by ThaiJoop. As soon as any updated terms and conditions are made available and placed on the website for review, new and existing users of the ThaiJoop service will be bound to the updated terms and conditions of this contract going forward.

Use Agreement
This ThaiJoop agreement and its terms and conditions constitute a binding contract between you and ThaiJoop, and the agreement encompasses your use of the website and the services it provides. By accessing the website, by using any of our current or future services, and by becoming a registered member, you are agreeing to all of the terms and conditions listed herein. 

For your records, please print a copy of this agreement or save it as an electronic file in the format of your choosing.

Eligible Users
In order to use any of the services provided by ThaiJoop you must be at least 18 years of age, and be capable of entering into this agreement.

Free Registration, Subscription and Membership
Registration is free. Once you complete your registration, you will be able to create a free profile, and search for people, places and send a limited number of messages and gifts per day, Free users are not permited to send contact detials like phone number, emails or links to outside website like facebook.
Subscription is different than registration. Subscribing to the ThaiJoop service does require payment. Following payment, you will receive full access to ThaiJoop services which include the ability to communicate with subscribed members, invite them to places, conduct advanced searches combining people, places. You'll also be able to comment on users profiles, send messages to hundreds of members and appear high up in search results. The costs of our subscription tiers are provided within the site, under the subscription link. Subscription and registration both constitute use of the site, and bind the ThaiJoop user to the terms and conditions of this contract.

Types of Memberships
Use of ThaiJoop is first and foremost exclusively provided for individuals and for personal use only. Unapproved or illegal access or use of the website, using ThaiJoop as a mechanism for gathering data, gathering email addresses, or gathering personal or private information can result in criminal investigation, legal action, and prosecution.

As with any website where you have established a personal user account, you should never allow anyone else to use your account, and you should never share your username and/or password with anyone. This information should be treated as confidential by you, at all times. If you do share your access information with anyone whether it be orally or written, or via any other medium, you must report this to ThaiJoop immediately. Additionally, it is suggested that when you access ThaiJoop that you do so from computer that you personally own, and/or that you know is secure. You should always log off from ThaiJoop when you have finished using the website. You should practice caution when accessing the website through a computer that you are not familiar with or that is publicly accessed by other individuals, as it is possible for such computers to have software that records keystrokes or personal information. For security reasons and by design, we do not store any or maintain credit card information. Payment information is immediately transmitted to PayPal. Any personally identifiable information that we do store is kept confidential at all times, and is only shared with PayPal to complete an agreed upon financial transaction. All financial transactions are encrypted, as is the sensitive information we store in our system.

We also offer other types of billing options such as SMS or other 3rd party providers and the same conditions apply.

As with any dating situation or venue, it is your responsibility to practice sound judgment when deciding to interact with, meet, date, and establish or end relationships via ThaiJoop. As part of this agreement, you acknowledge and recognize that ThaiJoop cannot perform background or security checks on any of its current or future members, and that we cannot account for the personalities, practices, or actions of our members. It is also your responsibility to practice sound judgment when deciding to attend places or events created via the ThaiJoop site. We cannot account for nor do we audit the places and events registered within ThaiJoop. We cannot be held legally responsible for any damages sustained in any manner or resulting from anyone attending a place or participating in an event registered in the ThaiJoop website. Additionally, as part of this agreement it is recognized that ThaiJoop cannot held legally responsible for any damages sustained in any manner or resulting from an interaction or relationship with a registered or subscribed member that was established via the ThaiJoop website.

Prohibited Actions
The list below represents those actions that a member or user of the ThaiJoop site must adhere to while using the site:
• You will not violate the law
• You will not impersonate anyone
• You will not provide false information
• You will not harass any person or ThaiJoop
• You will not violate the privacy or rights of any member
• You will not violate any copyright or trade-mark laws
• You will not solicit for funds
• You will not solicit any advertisement or information leading to promotion of product or service
• You will not ask individuals for financial information
• You will not provide personal contact information
• You will not disrupt the ThaiJoop service or website, or its supporting servers and/or network
• You will not upload any electronic files that harm ThaiJoop, its software, its database, or its membership
• You will not attempt to use any measures to access the ThaiJoop database or any data stored or used by the ThaiJoop website

As a ThaiJoop user you are continually responsible for your conduct and the information you provide via the ThaiJoop portal. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you are consenting to not posting or transmitting information that is construed as abusive, offensive, threatening, hostile, menacing, harassing, sexual, racially offensive, or hateful. 

ThaiJoop reserves the right to delete any and all content or information provided by its registered or subscribed members that is deemed to be remotely offensive or illegal. 

Any and all content or information provided to ThaiJoop by a user of the website becomes the property of ThaiJoop, and as such ThaiJoop retains the right to manage this data as it deems fit or appropriate. This means that ThaiJoop controls the licensing, usage, copying, editing, and representation of this data and associated content.

Profile Rejection and Deletion
ThaiJoop reserves the right to reject or delete any profiles, photos, or videos at any time that are deemed abusive, offensive, threatening, hostile, menacing, harassing, sexual, racially offensive, or hateful. Additionally, any profiles that include personal or sensitive information, including but not limited to email addresses, instant message addresses, and phone numbers will be rejected and/or deleted from the system. 

If a user does not update their rejected profile within a 30 day timeframe, it will be removed from the system.

Termination of Service
ThaiJoop reserves the right to terminate a user's access to ThaiJoop's services without notice. This will be based on a determination that a user has violated this agreement in whole or in part. You agree that ThaiJoop will not be liable to you or to any third party if you service is suspended.

You agree to indemnify ThaiJoop and its entire staff, from any damages or losses, legal fees, or other fees that we have to endure as a result of your actions or use of our services. You shall fully collaborate and cooperate in the defense of any claim brought upon ThaiJoop resulting from your actions.

Our service to you is provided on an as is basis, and we do not provide any service level agreements regarding up time and we do not warranty that our service will continually be available. Additionally, we cannot validate the accuracy of any personal data provided to us by our users, and as such we cannot provide any warranties regarding users' profiles, places, events or the information they make available to the other members of ThaiJoop.

ThaiJoop retains the right to change the terms and conditions of this agreement at any time. If a change is made to this documentation, a notice will be placed on the website to alert our user community that the change has occurred.

Email and other Communications
We will use email and internal ThaiJoop communications for the purposes enabling registration and communicating necessary and pertinent information to our user base.

You may not reproduce any ThaiJoop proprietary materials or information without explicit written consent by ThaiJoop.

ThaiJoop only bills their users for services based on agreed upon timeframe. ThaiJoop does not conduct reoccurring billing as a matter of practice, although this is subject to change. We only bill you for the service you select, and we do not automatically renew your account and bill you for service you have not selected or opted for.

Refund will provide a full refund for a purchased subscription within a 48 hour period. This is assuming that following the purchase none of the services are utilized. The refund will only be provided back to the account that was utilized for the purchase. A refund request outside of the 48 hour period will be evaluated and considered by; however, there is no guarantee that such a refund will be provided after the 48 hour period has expired. © Copyright 2013 Fwends Limited
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