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Importance of gifts

Although they are materialistic objects, gifts play an important role in our lives. This especially comes true when the fairer sex is considered, and anyone who has been close to a woman can acknowledge the fact. Receiving gifts is flattering and exciting, and it also displays your appreciation for your partner.

Before dating a Thai girl, it is important for you to realize that the Thai dating culture is quite different from that of the West. There are significant differences you will have to be aware of. For example, like you would typically expect your partner out on a beach on a warm summer day, this may not be the right question for you to ask your Thai girl. Nevertheless, there are similarities. A Thai girl may be traditional, but she could possibly like being pampered. Sending gifts or small tokens of appreciation is an excellent way to show that you like her and are thinking about her.

Customs to follow

It is important to remember that you must always use your right hand for receiving as well as giving gifts. This rule applies to everything, from a simple card to a big present. Additionally, it is considered polite to offer a wai after you hand a gift. This is a simple movement, and is done by pressing both palms against each other, combined with a slight bow. Moreover, do not consider it a rude gesture if your girl does not open the gift in front of you. This is, in fact, a custom, and pressurizing her to see your present immediately may make her feel awkward.

When buying a gift for a Thai girl whom you may have met via Thai dating services, bear in mind that showing off your wealth may be a turn-off for her. Instead of gifting her expensive piece of jewelry on your first date, it would be more appropriate to gift her just a little something that shows your interest towards her. © Copyright 2013 Fwends Limited
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